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At Falcon Guard, we’re on a permanent mission to discover stealth threat actors, Ransomware and malware no matter where they hide. We provide reliable proactive detection of cyber threats and timely response to attacks to minimize their impact on businesses from any industry. Using our proprietary Threat Hunting and IR platform FADE, we can detect attack traces hidden within Terabytes of security logs. The cybercriminals are already in and we can show you where.


meet THE team

Leonardo M. Falcon
Cybersecurity Consultant
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Leonardo is a recognized expert and leader in the field of cybersecurity. He has a diverse background in cybersecurity, with a mix of industry-specific and entrepreneurial experience. Over the years Leonardo has developed deep expertise in SOC operations, Incident Response, Digital Forensics, and Threat Hunting. He has built a cyber threat detection and response team which comprises of highly specialized cybersecurity professionals. He is also experienced leading the delivery of complex cybersecurity projects globally and helps clients to develop capabilities to detect and respond to advanced cyber attacks. He's passionate about discovering hidden attacks and adversaries through Machine Learning and other Threat Hunt methodologies.

Jakub Cudka
Cybersecurity Consultant

Jakub graduated from Czech Technical University in Prague in the field of Information Security. His university studies covered the foundation of diverse branches of Cybersecurity. He developed a proof of concept for exploitation of graphical and hardware interfaces as part of his thesis for Master degree. This work included the investigation of detection methods for the relevant attack techniques. Jakub continued to gain more experience in Incident Response, Digital forensics and Threat Hunting during his studies and after his graduation. He has also experience with the development of Cybersecurity tools and he enjoys exploring the internals of diferent operating systems and researching techniques leveraged by advanced cyber attackers.