Incident response and forensics



Our accredited cyber incident response team, backed with our proprietary FADE platform and other purpose-built response tools, helps you resolve complex cyber breaches at scale. Our experts have conducted many different types of investigations. They have decades of experience responding to security breaches of all sizes and severities, from small-scale opportunistic threats to enterprise-wide breaches by sophisticated attackers. Our team complements their expertise in intrusion analysis, digital forensics, and malware analysis with knowledge of multiple technology platforms for a fast incident investigation. 

We can start helping remotely within 4 hours or physically anywhere in the world within one business day. We can keep our experts on standby using a retainer model.


Immediate response


Our team will immediately connect remotely with your system administrators, security team and other stakeholders to start investigating the incident and provide guidance.

Mitigate impact


We immediately advise on how to protect the company's IT systems against further damage by the attacker/ malware and we help to implement these new controls. 

Remediate thoroughly


After the forensic investigation, our experts will provide clear guidance and directly help in the complete remediation of the incident to close the doors to the attackers.