managed threat hunting



To minimize the impact of security breaches, it is essential to identify them as early as possible. The cybercriminals are continuously improving their attack and control techniques to stay hidden and achieve their goals. Our managed Cyber Threat Hunting service helps in the early detection of attacks, using insightful telemetry provided by our FADE platform, and the latest threat intelligence to proactively identify the activities of known and unknown adversaries.


Uninterrupted proactive visibility


Our team continuously assesses your network, workstations, and servers to discover known and unknown threats and risks present in your environment. 

Discover internal risks


We assess the behavior systems and applications to discover harmful behaviors of internal users before they can cause an impact on your business. 

Actionable findings


Our team will investigate each finding and document them with all the available evidence. We will also propose the best steps to follow for a forensics investigation and/or responding to each specific threat. 

Transferred knowledge


We partner closely with your existing security team to provide the best value and continuously share hints and best practices for Threat Hunting.