Falcon Guard's highly-skilled security consultants will partner with your organization to act as an extension to your internal IT teams, ready to assist with preparing for, investigating, and responding to complex cyber-attacks.


  • Forensic evidence collection - we leverage our endpoint agent to perform the live collection of digital evidence from your company devices without interrupting your business.
  • Investigation - we investigate the evidence collected, extract the indicators/TTPs of the attack, and perform an analysis of the attack timeline.
  • Malware analysis - our experts will analyze any malware samples recovered during the investigation and report their capabilities and how they are leveraged by the threat actor.
  • Report - our team will deliver a detailed forensic report containing the details of the malicious artifacts discovered during the investigation, where they were found, and when/how they arrived at each specific location. We will also report on any indications of data collection and exfiltration performed by the attacker.

Digital Forensics Retainer

  • $200/hour