Falcon Guard's highly-skilled security consultants will partner with your organization to act as an extension to your internal IT teams, ready to assist with preparing for, investigating, and responding to complex cyber-attacks.


  • Incident response preparation - we review the organization’s network, IT systems, and existing security tools. We help establish quick procedures for deploying investigative tools and triaging incidents.
  • Incident response planning - we help define a plan, together with the organization’s IT or security teams, for responding jointly to common types of security incidents.
  • Incident investigation - we provide an incident response coordinator and a forensic analyst on call to receive details of the incident, triage it, and help determine if it is a real security incident and its severity.
  • Initial response - our incident response experts will follow pre-agreed response plans to contain and remediate active threats using a combination of Falcon Guard's tools and existing technologies.
  • Report - our team will provide an Incident Response report containing the detailed forensic findings of the investigations and recommended actions for the remediation of existing vulnerabilities, weak IT configurations, etc.

Incident Response Retainer - Tier2

  • $300/hour