Cybersecurity Resilience Assessment



The fast pace of today's digital transformation creates unintended openings to cyber risks, vulnerabilities, and attacks. Proactive cyber resilience assessments are essential to help businesses to prevent disruptive cyber incidents and prepare to quickly react if attackers already found a way through. It can help to identify weaknesses in systems and applications before internal or external adversaries will do and provide action plans to remediate them.


Comprehensive visibility without complexity


Provides visibility into existing risks and active threats across the network and devices with minimum complexity for the deployment of our agents and overall execution of the assessment.

Proactive MITRE-based hunts


We leverage our large library of over 200 MITRE-based hunts to assess your network and endpoints to discover attacker behaviors that were hidden from the existing security controls.   

Tailored risk remediation plans


Our team of experts will analyze the risks discovered and will recommend remediation plans tailored to the technology, people, and processes available in your own company.